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Why Private Money?

Right now there is more wealth-building opportunity than there has ever been in the last 75 years and the only way forward is through real estate. But getting involved takes Serious Money Power!

Although conventional funding is scarce, there is an excess of funding available in the private sector and Private Money Exchange knows exactly where it is. Knowing how to find the right property, the best source of funding, and then how to turn the property over for profit is the bottom line for any real estate investor!

Private Money Exchange is the best choice in the private money realm and can help catapult you to huge success in real estate!

What Is Private Money?

Private Money is capital lent by private citizens or companies throughout the United States. It could be a close relative, like your Uncle Bob, or a complete stranger outside of your state. Regardless of who it is, Private Money is an absolute necessity in being successful in any real estate market.

Private Money usually has shorter terms and a clearly defined repayment schedule. Terms for these types of loans will vary from lender to lender and will depend upon the experience level of an investor, as well as the length of an investor’s relationship with a particular lender. Therefore, there are really no hard and fast rules to Private Money.

Why Use Private Money?

The most successful real estate investors, who are closing multiple deals each and every month, use Private Money on a regular basis. Even HUGE money magnates like Donald Trump prefer to use private funding over their own money. Why tie up their own capital if they don’t have to, right?

In this economy, Private Money is easier to find, faster to get your hands on, and makes real estate investment more profitable and realistic. And Private Money Exchange takes it one step further and brings lenders to nationwide borrowers. Its proprietary formula has helped hundreds of real estate investors realize their financial dreams!

Private Money Exchange is Fast!

As opposed to bank loans, Private Money Exchange is FAST!

You have most likely already experienced the snail’s pace borrowing from a conventional lender. Unfortunately, with most of the good, extremely profitable deals on the market, there is no time for involved paperwork, credit checks, or paycheck verification.

Usually private money lenders won’t request all of this information and if they do, the process is less strenuous and laborious because they are lending on the property’s potential, rather than the person’s background. That’s why borrowing private money through Private Money Exchange often goes more smoothly and quickly. If you have a good deal, finding money is the easy part.

Private Money Exchange Doesn’t Care About Your Credit

If you have a pock mark on your credit score, it can be the difference between life and death in your ability to find funds from a conventional source. Banks are now requiring close-to-perfect credit scores before they lend out any money. Not so with Private Money Exchange.

Although Private Money Exchange will often want to see a financial statement of some kind, we do it more to review your past real estate experience. A lower credit score will mean very little if you can prove a savvy investing background.

Along with experience, the best thing about Private Money Exchange is that it doesn’t look at past bankruptcies or credit problems. It focuses on the merit of the property. If it is a low-risk, high-yielding investment than you’re more likely to get the loan! This is nice to know if you haven’t always been an angel with your finances!

Private Money Exchange is UNLIMITED!

Luckily, Private Money is everywhere and you’re not limited to financial institutions to find it. In fact there is over 16 TRILLION dollars in private accounts in the United States alone.

Another solid plus in this realm of financing is that there are as many Private Money Niche Lenders as there are niche investments in the Private Money Exchange Network! If you’re interested in commercial properties, like apartment buildings or strip malls, you’ll find eager investors ready to help you capitalize on these types of deals. If you’re interested in single-family investment opportunities, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of individual private money lenders climbing over each other to lend you the cash needed to secure these types of properties.

Private Money Exchange Gives You Control!

Finally, you’re not at the mercy of the bank! Too many of us are experiencing serious love-loss with the banking system. Think about it, how many times have you felt like your loan owned you, rather than the other way around? With Private Money Exchange you know more about Private Money, and therefore you’re better at parleying the best terms for you and your property. By thoroughly understanding the terms of Private Money, you can keep more money in your pocket and make a substantial return on your exit strategy. Once you’ve arranged and closed several deals, you’ll begin to think and finance your deals like a bank. And, instead of your loan having you over a barrel, it will be structured to work toward the goal of ultimate short-term or long-term profit!

Private Money Exchange Rewards Creativity

With Private Money Exchange, you can get funding on great deals that banks would normally shun. Sometimes you’ll find a promising investment property that needs repairs, making them unsuitable for most banks, but perfect for many of our private money lenders. Our private lenders love the ugliest house on the prettiest street. Unlike conventional lenders, we can see a property’s potential. By going through Private Money Exchange, you open up more doors to opportunity and more avenues to make more money!

Private Money Exchange Gives You Confidence

Don’t you hate making an offer while crossing your fingers behind your back and hoping that the bank will think it’s as good a deal as you do? While conventional lenders have no imagination and can’t see what you see, Private Money Exchange is all about creativity and knows that sometimes the uglier the house, the better the return will be!

Having Private Money Exchange in your corner gives you confidence and a fighting chance to put properties under contract. As long as you find the no-brainer, steal-of-a-deal, and do the proper due-diligence (which we shepherd you through) you can be rest-assured that the deal will fund!