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What People are Saying about Private Money Exchange

1.) "I've been impressed with Lee [Arnold]. The most knowledgeable of the [real estate investing] gurus. The class of his organization outweighs any other I've been with." - Mark Warding -

2.) "We did what made him [Lee] successful. You can't learn this profession reading it out in a book." - Bruce Peck -

3.) "We evaluated 10 properties. It removed the fear and removed the mystery. It took the slow learning curve out of investing." - Craig Palmisano -

4.) "We learned and re-learned a lot. If we don’t improve with real estate investing it’s our own fault. Our mentor poured out his heart and soul to help us be more successful." - Dana and Sue Smith -

5.) "Awesome! A pity it [the training] has to end. It has opened my eyes." - Diego Rodriguez -

6.) "Lee understands how the deal is structured…and how to do it effectively. Priceless." - Jeff Cichocki -

7.) "Exceptional!!" - Jerome Parris -

8.) "The ease is coming up with information…and the ability to market. Contracts make more sense to me." - John and Sue McDonald -

9.) "I could not have done it on my own. It has given me more confidence." - Linda Moxey -

10.) "My ah-ha moment is that I have a home now under contract I can make $22K on." - Mark Warding -

11.) "It would take me a year to get where I am now. I'm more mature in my investing approach and much more confident." - Phil Cutting -

12.) This is way more above and beyond I could have expected." - Purmina Mehta -

13.) "Very good experience. This is a better method. So in 4 weeks we have 3 deals in progress. From a dollar perspective of 90 days I’m going to be at about 120K." - Ralph McGinnis -

14.) "I’m learning to focus on a different kind of property. Making offers is what the ball game is all about." - Richard Fancon -

15.) "Fantastic, phenomenal, wonderful! Taken from A to Z on buying properties. I’m excited to submit offers. Thank you Lee [Arnold]!" - Jeanne Severe -

16.) "We saw 19 properties in 4 hrs. We have 12 offers in 2 days. Expectations were met. Professional constant teaching, wonderful. This experience met every expectation I had. Actually exceeded it." - David Messersmith -

17.) "If you follow the program you will do well. 10 more ways to do what you thought you knew how to do. With Lee Arnold it gets down to how do you make this work." - Bill Cavazzini -

18.) "It will show you blind spots. Help you turn your business into one that makes money on its own. It’s been phenomenal and has helped me see the gaps in my analysis." - Owen Welling -

19.) "One of the easiest things we did was getting money from Private Money Exchange. We are excited about how they are marketing and delivered on every promise." - Ric and Simone Kvalheim -

20.) "I’m so confident I can deliver and implement a marketing plan. A great experience." - Patrick Judd -

21.) "With other gurus you get a little here and a little there but you don’t get the whole thing. I recommend that everyone sign up with Lee [Arnold]." - Jeanne Severe -

22.) "A jam packed 3 days of training!" - Don Barr -