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Private Money Exchange, a division of Secured Investment Corp., was first formed to provide funding to the thousands of real estate investors nationwide who cannot access institutional funding for their real estate investment opportunities.

Private Money Exchange was formed secondly to provide a platform for those, with retirement and other types of funds, looking for alternatives in real estate that earn respectable returns. As a result of this platform, Private Money Exchange is the largest and fastest growing private money company in the country.

With this system, YOU too can get the funding you need in as little at 3-5 days at rates that are extremely competitive. We look at the property's merits and not the borrower's credit. Which means if you're a credit-poor, but deal rich investor, you're FINALLY in the right place!

Private Money Exchange has helped nationwide borrowers find hundreds of millions of loan dollars for their real estate investment opportunities. To be one of them make sure you fill out the application today.

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When a lender comes through Private Money Exchange, we provide lenders with information on secured private money loans available for funding, and are backed by real property in first lien position.

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If you have a great investment property under contract and need the funds to secure it, you've come to the right place!
We can present your property to our list of Private Money Exchange Lenders in no time flat! And the best part...

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For the first time ever, we're offering a Powerful Program with an even STRONGER Guarantee for Your Success! You can't afford to miss out on the one and only time we're going to offer the Private Money Affiliate Product with 2 Awesome, Money-Back Guarantees!